A UserTracks depository is +++ HERE +++

A UserTracks template does not have to be created by PG Music. Anyone user can create a UserTrack template. A template is a guidebook for creation, not a playback tool. All that is needed is the time to create the SGU file chord sheets.

The questions or discussions I haven't seen asked in this thread are, "What is a contemporary jazz soloist template"? What guidance should a contemporary jazz soloist template provide? Would the content in a contemporary jazz soloist template vary by instrument, tempo, time signature or feel? How does the skill level of the recording musician affect template content? If the SGU files existed who would have the desire, skill and time to record the audio?

As Matt mentioned, one user, Seeker or Frank, created many UserTracks. Seeker automated much of his audio generation process using high quality sounding virtual instruments for his instrument recordings. Once he developed his process he recorded and released more than five hundred UserTracks over a two year time span. A user could pretty well post a request for an exotic oriental flute UserTrack and Seeker would post a link for one a day or two later.

In my opinion the larger issue is it is difficult to create great, but generic, riffs on demand. Matt even mentioned that certain chord progressions would not be much fun to play. I'm sure he's right! That's why "A" list session musicians get paid the bucks.

Here again it's my opinion but I believe when most people want a UserTracks they are thinking of how they would use a specific instrument to play a specific part in a song. What they are not thinking of is a bunch of audio that can be used over a song collection.

One item many users overlook is Band-in-a-Box's RealTracks auto substitution feature. Band-in-a-Box will automatically substitute one RealTrack for another if the second RealTrack matches tempo better than the initial selection. For a user to make a UserTracks that matches RealTracks performance a user will need to make about 50 UserTracks to accommodate the Band-in-a-Box tempo range of about 50 to 600 beats per minute (bpm).

Going back to what I said in an earlier post, if I wanted a contemporary jazz soloist UserTracks template I would run the audio files for the existing RealTracks soloists through the Audio Chord Wizard (ACW). The soloist track names would provide me with tempo, time signature and feel information while the ACW would fill in the chord sheets. Boom! Little work template created.

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