UserTracks expect one SGU file per audio file. That way the program knows which song file matches each audio file.

Audio and SGU files are paired by sharing the same name; for example "Low_Octave.wav" and "Low_Octave.sgu" for one pair and "High_Octave.wav" and "High_Octave.SGU" for the second pair. The program doesn't care about the file names at all except to pair song and audio files together. You could just call one file pair names like "1.wav" and "1.SGU" if you want to.

The name for the UserTracks is picked up from the name of the UserTracks folder that stores the files.

If you decide to expand the UserTracks later on you can add additional audio and song file pairs to the UserTracks folder and they will be picked up by the program the next time you use the UserTracks.

The shortest length an audio and song file pair can be is two bars of recorded audio. Band-in-a-Box automatically adds two bars of silence for the count-in. If the audio is recorded outside of Band-in-a-Box the first two bars of the audio file should be silence.

There is nothing magical about the templates. You can create your own template if you want to or expand an existing template to include as much audio as you want. However, it is important for the chord sheet to accurately reflect the audio content.

For example if you play a "C" chord over eight bars and the song chord sheet shows those eight bars are "C" by you placing a "C" in each bar then the program can pick any of the eight so it has a selection to choose from. On the other hand if you just enter "C" in the first bar and leave the other seven blank, the program still knows all eight bars involve "C" but it doesn't know if it is eight progressions or one long progression. That might make a difference if you're playing a riff instead of chords.

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