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A very helpful addition to the thread. I'm having to type onehanded for a while so won't expand/expound much now. BiaB is a musical lifesaver since I can't play keyboards for a while.

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With a bit of study and experimentation, I learned how to access this BIAB 'reads ahead' feature and always get a programmed 'smooth transition' just like a PG Music demo. I don't know if my speculation is correct or not but I can say with absolute certainty, I get a smooth solo intro, solo ending and can correct bad chord changes flawlessly every time. I have not personally had a single issue since learning the method.

Is this method something you can share?

Sure. This procedure also applies to personal created UserTracks and expands on my thoughts above.

Here is the method.

BIAB/RB recognizes Silence as an instrument. Rather than choose Mute in the Bar Settings Window, select to replace the instrument with the instrument Silence (RT# 1152) from the RealTracks menu. At the Bar you wish the silence to end and the original RealTrack to return, replace the Silence instrument with the original RealTrack instrument or another RealTrack instrument.

This works because when using F5 to Mute the instrument, there has been no change programmed for the BIAB algorithm to 'see' therefore, no transition audio clip is searched for or chosen for the Bar where a solo, instrument change or other transition is desired by the artist. The Mute command occurs after BIAB has already 'read ahead','saw' the instrument change and selected an appropriate transition audio clip to play over the Chord Chart.

To hear a demo how this works, load a style demo and add RealTrack Medley #1319 which is a track that plays 4 bars of a RealTrack trombone, 4 Bars of Silence, 4 bars of trumpet, 4 bars of silence, 4 bars of sax, 4 bars of silence and 4 bars of guitar

The BIAB algorithm 'reads ahead' the Chord Chart and 'sees' the change of instruments and selects audio clips appropriate for the transitions. BIAB does create smooth transitions between any instrument changes so this method also works amazingly well for two instruments to alternate between each other. One will end appropriately as the other begins appropriately. BIAB will sometimes program both instruments to play simultaneously for the Transition Bar even though the two instruments occupy the same track.

Change Medley RT# 1319 to Medley RT# 1320 to hear the 4 instruments transition every 4 bars with no bars of silence.

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