Hello, forum friends

Sometimes I would like to remake my old vocaloid song to a real vocal version.
This time I reproduced one of them with female vocal.
Any comments encouraged.
Always welcome.

Best regards.

Shigeki Adachi

Title: Say Hello To You
Vocal: Yoko K., my friend


Style is _JBREEZE.STY (JazzFunkBreezy Rhythm Sect[75RS])
RealTracks in style: ~1636:Bass, Electric, JazzFunkBreezy Ev16 075
RealTracks in style: ~1639:Piano, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkBreezy Ev16 075
RealTracks in style: ~1637:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkBreezyChords Ev16 075
RealTracks in style: ~1638:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkBreezyMuted Ev16 075
RealTracks in song: 1058:Sax, Alto, Soloist SmoothJazzPoppy Ev16 090
RealDrums in style: JazzFunkGroovin^1-a:HHSdStk, b:HHSnr
Additional Strings, Clavinet and Percussions from SWAY.STY (Sway - Smooth Jazz - Latin Pop, MIDI)
Clavinet: Native Instruments Kontakt5 clavinet
Percussion: EastWest Goliath GM Percusion
4 part strings: EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

Summary of lyrics:

I say hello to you
Like the sky without an end
Wherever and whenever
I will fly to visit you

I have been thinking I could never see you again
But I noticed it would come true someday
If I kept wishing it strongly
I'll definitely reach you

Before I knew it, I gave it up
I was becoming timid
Now I can't wait to call your name
It is so nostalgic

I was thinking about everything I could not do
But now I only think what I can do
Dreams are not just dreams
How close is your town?

I say hello to you, hello again to you
Like the sky without an end
Yesterday is me and tomorrow is you
I want to be by your side from now on

I'll never leave you again
I kept thinking you strongly
Now the wish will finally come true
Your town is shining there

I posted the vocaloid version here on January, 2015.