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One of the world's great stories ably retold. I'll be looking at it again soon, thanks to this. Nice band. Scott's play was just great...sometimes doubling, sometimes harmonizing, and sometimes leading the way. A wonderful package down through the false ending.

Glad this found an echo with your interest in the story: I discovered the Charles Nordhoff Bounty trilogy on Kindle recently- they are well researched and entertaining fictional takes I hadn`t read before.
Yes;Scott`s guitar moves this well past a folk ballad!

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Just another day looking up something that RKC used for inspiration. : ) You're keeping us on our toes, Robert! I'm a big fan as you know, and this fit your oeuvre well. Actually, it was something I had already done a little reading about, so I was able to just kick back and enjoy it. A fine collab, would like to hear more like this and I got a feeling I will. Fine work, gentleman!

Thanks for your listens and support!
We first tried this kind of folkrock a couple of years ago:
The more recent Americana RT`s make a more authentic sound easier to achieve now.