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Let's see: Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Janice Merritt. Yep, I think that would have worked. But, on the other hand, Janice, Bud & Peter seems to be working pretty danged good, too! Loved the tone on Peter's guitar ... true to the times.

With Janice lighting up the mic, Bud slinging words around until they fit as a perfect lyric ... along with some serious knob twisting, and Peter equally the Eric Clapton sound ... what more could you ask for?

As I listened, I checked a couple of times to see if my pants were bell bottoms, my hair was long and frizzy, and if the colors in my shirt would have made Ray Charles squint. Well, they weren't, but they easily could have been!

That was as thought it came from a time capsule. Excellent! I'd buy another ticket for that trip! ok, I'll get to the point - I like it a lot!

Best to all three of you. Please be safe ...


Even if that had not been about the three of us it would’ve brought a smile to our faces.

Thanks for helping us feel we did the era a bit of justice.

Hey in 1967 my pants were bell bottoms, my hair was long and I had some awful shirts! smile

Thanks for every word of that review. They are appreciated!

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