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J&B and Co.,
Excellent vintage crunchy, fuzzy blues tune! Everything very cool! Guitars are so different and SO GOOD! Peter, big thumbs up! Janice is a queen of the show for sure! Bud, you need to start selling master class videos on production., would love to see you in action. You done great! Congrats team on another gem!

P.S. I finally have a small suggestion or opinion on your tune if I may. Instrumentals and mix has very authentic vintage feel, but vocals have a bit modern (clean) tone. I wonder how it would sound if to add some tube emulator to vocals, even if it will sound somewhat hot/distorted. Could be fun. Thank you for sharing!


Misha, your comments are HUGELY appreciated. Every word. Thanks for mentioning the vintage vibe and I have to assure you that seeing me in action would be mostly me twisting a few virtual knobs and then calling Janice to come and listen and tell me what she thinks! smile

Interestingly what I had thought would be my final mix had a grittier vocal that we both liked. We moved on to what will be our next post and I liked the different tweaks I put on the vocal to the extent that I revisited this song and changed the effects to what I had discovered. So you are right on the money regarding the notion that it could be grittier. Now I wish I’d retained the original!

Thanks again,