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Wow, after reading all the posts on this excellent song, I was thinking what to say that hasn't been said yet.
I am afraid that's impossible, though! It is such a good song, so well sung and performed and with that very cool leadguitar from Peter.
Oh, let me not forget to mention the lyrics. Now I know the meaning of a 'back burner' (and a 'helix'for the Les Paul).

Thanks for this song, Janice, Bud and Peter,

Thanks Hans, we always appreciate you listening and commenting!


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I normally would skip this type of blues song if heard on the radio, I'm not a fan of Cream... but this is a magnificient exception. Nice backstory. Everything sounds amazing, the mix and all the effects on the guitar and the bass... just screaming the highest quality. Peter's playing is the backbone of the track and so good that I thought Peter has to be a pseudonym for some of the greatest rock guitarist on Earth smile And on top of this is the real cream: Janice's voice brings the traditional blues lyrics very much alive.


Thanks Janne. We appreciate your time especially given this isn’t your favorite genre!