I tried using the forum's search function. No further comment on that failure.


Is it possible to uninstall just RealBand?

Or to install BiaB without installing RB?

Any issues with updates during the year?

I have NEVER used RB. I was using Studio One before I found BiaB, and still use it. I would like to recover the disk space used by RB.

Thanks in advance.

ThinkPad i9 32GB RAM 7TB SSD; Win11 Pro; PreSonus Studio 1810c; BiaB 2024 Ultra
Studio One 6 Pro; MuseScore 4; Melodyne 5 Studio; Acoustica Premium 7; Guitar Pro 8
Gig Performer 4; NI S61 MK3; Focal Shape 65; Beyerdynamic DT 880 & 770