I'm looking to buy BIAB in the next few weeks.

Now I understand that the Mac version of BIAB doesn't come with RealBand.

I have access to both Windows and Mac but much prefer Mac for everyday use.

So my question is this, how much easier is it to use RB over CakeWalk, Garageband etc..?

I'm really not used to using software to create music and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to spending hours learning how to do it. I'd rather be playing guitar...!

I don't play keys and I want to use BIAB to create backing tracks for my acoustic based duo.

I've researched the web for clues, but can only find people saying you should use whichever DAW you find easiest, which doesn't really help me. I get that there is a learning curve for each and that they will all do the job.

So is there a good case for going with RB, bearing in mind my desire for ease of use...?

Looking forward to your opinions.