do you already have a low latency usb asio interface
of some sort ? or yet to buy an audio interface
for your machines ??

also read this thread sometime bout buying refurbs
(maybe for future use.) where pg simon and i discuss refurbs, and why they are good rather than buying new machines.
go down a few posts to "amazeing xeon refurb deals"
then read further down etc. just in case you ever need a machine again.
you will have the same in france i'm sure.

ps i used to love haveing b'fast in the little freanch cafes.
i miss them.

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New Song "PRETTY GIRL" for my wife...Dec 2023
(my vocs....mixed for good earbuds.)
(and rock song THE STALLION and bluegrass song... BANKER MAN....90 songs useing bb/rb.)