Hi Old Muso

I have one of these...


Would that be ok for me...?

I bought it a few years ago as a "that might come in handy one day" moment....!

I've used it a couple of times, although not for recording.

I read the thread about buying refurb machines, unfortunately for me you guys are talking a different language. I tried using Google Translate, but it didn't help much...!!

I have a couple of old laptops, one running Win 10 and an older one running on elastic bands. But my financial adviser has ruled out me buying any new gear. She's told me it's strictly 'one out, one in' for the time being, although she might make an exception if I'd like to buy her a new dress..

So it's an existing laptop for me, or my Mac. I'm leaning now towards keeping with Windows for BIAB.