graham. bonjour.
on the surface that tricapture looks good.
tres bien. make sure you have latest drivers.
looks very nice.
you will only know by trying it.
remember in windows you need to set it up as your default device. THEN in your recording software in preferences
you must point the recording software at it so the
recording software knows to use it instead of built in sound.
one thing you might do is test its latency.

also i would advise use of a condenser mic cos they dont need as much mic pre gain as dynamics.
do you have a condenser mic ??
problem is a lot of audio interfaces dont have mic pres with lots of gain.

if you DO need a cheap good condenser mic.
1. isk pearl amazeing price. 30 buks !
heres singer examples.

2. mxl 770 cheap.under 100 buks.
heres a singer example.

if you want lotsa info on gear/computers (for people with little money for gear)
check out the low end theory and music computer forums at

also please open up realband on your win pc, and run the feature "TEST AUDIO PERFORMANCE". tell me how many traks are reported s'il vous plait. merci.

also in your win and mac machines do you have solid state drives ? details on your machines processors //drives//ram
would help.

if no ssd on win pc for example do you have a usb 3 or superspeed usb port on it ??
note DO NOT use the 96k setting on the tricapture.
its only half duplex it looks like.
ie not record and playback at same time.
stick to 44.1.

ps would suggest you go on the net, and do lots of research bout optimising computers for studio work etc.
as well as google tricapture any problems/latency issues.
and buy your wife that dress. well thats what my wife the boss told me to tell you. lol.

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