Thanks Muso

Interesting point about latency. The other evening, I connected the controller to my laptop vis usb and there was huge problem with latency, nearly half a second...!!

It was ok to explore the sounds on Cakewalk, but it's impossible to actually play a tune. I'll hook up the Roland tonight and report back.

I have a couple of condenser mics, a Neumann and an EV. I've used the Neumann live for years, it's way ahead of any other mic I've ever used.

The Ti-Capture provides 48v, so no problem there.

I'll be buying BIAB in the next few weeks, so I'm still deciding which version to get.

I've looked underneath my laptop, it's a Toshiba C660D-140. That's all I know about it, I bought it a couple of years ago and I believe it's about 5 years old. Sorry if that doesn't help any.

If it's not up the job, I'll have to explore the possibility of buying another machine, but I really don't want to.

You'll have gathered by now that technology is not my strong point.

But show me a guitar and an amp with knobs on and I'm away..!