please could you tell me the model of mac you have, and
as much info as you can ? i'm trying to get a complete picture.
mac mini ? macbook ? imac ?? processor model/ram/drives ssd ? etc.

how bout this for an ACTION PLAN plan as the win laptop is a possible iffy situation.
(ill explain in a sec.)
explain to pg that you might have to return the win version of biab if its a problem on your win laptop and then try the mac version. (but of course no realband on mac. but there
are other fine programs on mac like logic pro. but they dont have the unique realband accompaniement feature.)
you have 30 days to return.

although your win laptop probably meets biab basic pc requirement its not ideal.
(i use i5 laptop with ssd plus external ssd. plus several usb ports.)
i have the following concerns with your win laptop.
given the info you gave.
1. looks like it uses the older amd processor.
2. a slow older internal hard drive rather than an ssd.
3. if thats your laptop in the picture, then only 2 gigs of ram.
4. the one spare usb port only.

its your choice of course.
maybe the prudent course as you dont want to spend money,
is just try biab on the win laptop as it stands, and see how much you can do with it ?.

bit of a problem this one lol.
anyhoo give me that mac info please. so i can offer alternatives.


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