ive given you the best of my thinking in this thread.

might i suggest you spend time on pg here and peruse the various videos and manuals bout realband ?? and see if its for you ??
cos its very difficult when one is not in the room with you to show you what a particular software is capable of.
there is a LOT RB is capable of. but like biab one has
to "delve" and experiment.
as you will see, same with any recording studio software there IS a learning curve.


i wish you the best

my studio computer has never seen the net.
i just got an amazon fire tablet which i'm rather happy with for 100 $.
i use it for general web surfing and learning bout new recording gear etc.
i like it cos its "snappy"/"responsive".


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New Song "PRETTY GIRL" for my wife...Dec 2023
(my vocs....mixed for good earbuds.)
(and rock song THE STALLION and bluegrass song... BANKER MAN....90 songs useing bb/rb.)