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BlueAttitude never falters. A solid band sound with everyone doing their part - and doing it well.
Marty's bass.
Dave's guitars.
Chris' write, vocals, piano.
The band's BGVs.

Y'all have developed a terrific sound. Consistently good. Always an enjoyable listen. One more cut for the next album...

Good mix.



We have a blast working on these songs together, most fun I have ever had with music including when I used to gig.

Very kind of you floyd, thanks!

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Dave, Chris & Marty, you definitely have kept your high bar intact with this song. The vocal delivers the lyric perfectly. The guitars and bass are played with great expertise as expected. Very well produced. Nicely done, Tom

Appreciate the listen and comments, thanks Tom!

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Dave, Marty & Chris,
A beautifully restrained arrangement that fits the song`s mood... which to my ears begins with a slightly eastern feel and builds into a bluesy spiritual affirmation.
Everything sounds right- no surprise!- another fine fine song from you.


"bluesy spiritual affirmation", I like that! Thanks, Robert wink