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Here I submit to you an unfinished instrumental composition. For me, it lacks variations or it is too long. Your turn to judge. Thank you in advance for your advice. The style is ballad with guitar and mandolin.

Well howdy Derrochete....(after (2) listens)

More importantly, I enjoy all your compositions.
They're easy to listen to and it's obvious that you spent time on them.

Regarding the above:
I would not consider this a 'ballad' even if you used the 'ballad' style.
To me, this is a soundtrack composition and should be defined as such.
There are thematic elements/phrases that could be revisited (motif) during the whole composition depending on how you decide to arrange it.

In this context...yes...it could be shorter and a bit more organized.
But, that is not a critique....just a subjective observation as I know nothing about composing an appealing soundtrack. (you do, though :))

IMO....the structure of an instrumental composition has to be well thought out to keep the listeners attention.
Any perception of compositional rambling listeners could lose interest.

Of course, you can totally ignore my thoughts. smile
As a composition, I like it.

Hope that helps....keep up the good work.

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