1. "Because there is no command or button I can find which shows me the tracks (waveforms?) anywhere."

Yes, there's a button that displays the tracks waveforms. (In version 2021)

Select a track. Any Track.
Select the the Audio Editor Button and there's your waveform. (The Audio Editor is in the Views Tool Bar beside the Audio Chord Wizard just above Bar 1 of the Chord Sheet)
(In Older versions, simply move a track to the Audio Channel to view the waveform and you can edit the track while you're there if you need to do any editing. It's much faster than using RB or any other DAW.)

2. "how does a person make a note longer in editable notation?"
Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VnIIx3V4QY

3. The drums play in =POPPLTS.STY on my system. Should work on yours too.

4. "Since bar settings doesn't work on my Utility tracks, do I need to go to RB in order to mute the bridge on my MIDI bass part? "

No. Remember, the Audio Editor is your very powerful friend. wink You can silence (Mute) tracks better using the Audio Editor in BIAB faster than you can decide if you need to edit a track in RB. In fact, it will do a better job overall than muting using Bar Settings (F5) on a regular (Legacy) BIAB Channel. Since you've "decided to take Jim's advice pretty seriously and really learn BIAB before I buy anything new." Anytime you think you need to edit a track in RB, open the Audio Editor.

8.)"Is there a way to "double" one of the tracks from the existing style? What do I do to make this happen? Where do I search?"
Absolutely yes.... And, you can double one of the tracks using any RealTrack. And, both RealTracks can be on a single track. It's a great feature, RealTracks Medley Feature.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUZ-FOM6IYQ

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