1. the purpose of this 4 part series was purely to give someone new to song creation and/or pg products, a starting point for them to develope their own methods.
i simply cant cover every aspect of song production.
its vast. so i would refer the reader to lots of pg vids, the net, your local library and lots of books on the subject. as well as lots of you tube vids.
and i urge the reader to always step back often when they are creating a song and think about what makes millions of people around the world really "dig" one song over another. this is why i mention those "GOLDEN NUGGETS". frankly i just try and write songs that I LIKE.
otherwise i find i get into "paralysis by analysis" worrying about the rest of the world and fretting whether they might like or hate my song.
i DO know one thing. "know your audience".
a comical aside might give you pause for thought based on one past experience of mine as follows......
years ago i was singing in a no big deal rock band, and we were getting gigs here and there playing popular songs of the day.
i did it more for the fun/giggles of it, plus i had a day job.
(i just love singing. whether in a church or in a play or in a group or whatever. problem is as i age i cant get those very high registers as easily. lol)
at the same time i was hanging around with musicians who were way way more technically capable and theory oriented than i.
they knew every musical inversion/inside chord/flatted this and sharpened that. many, totally gifted players of their instruments.
we were always discussing music genres etc etc.
one day several of them complained to us..............
"how the hey do you guys get gigs with that silly simple chord rock stuff and pop you play ?" lol.
ie they always looked down on us. to which i replied.........
"people after a hard work day or week just want to go out and party and rock out and have fun". ie we were just giving people the "golden nuggets" they liked. so we got gigs.
to summarise "know your audience and what they want".
youll notice how i keep on referring to golden nuggets ?
2. ive purposely , up to this point, left things open ended. so you develope your own methods of work.
from now on there are lots of scenarios/ways you can proceed. eg:
.work more in the daw importing traks from your shortlist of bb styles from your stylepicker explorations and stored in the nuttyrok folder. maybe exploring what the bb plug in can do for you also.
.exporting your guide vocals as one mixed wav from daw and importing into various bb styles you have stored in the nuttyrok folder. eg a bb audio trak.
.exploring the extra utility traks if you have bb2021.
.importing into realband different styles from your shortlist in the nuttyrok folder and importing your guide vocals and genning more instrument traks. <<RB IS GRREAT FOR THIS AS YOU HAVE 48 TRAKS.
one thing i would strongly suggest is; if you have too many styles you like that you stored in that nuttyrok folder; as a result of your stylepicker explorations; you might want to cull the herd and make tough decisions as to which RT's/midis etc etc fit the song best.
what i do is create sometimes 2 folders in nuttyrok.
one called "best styles" with my top 10 styles and "b styles". ie 20 more that are possible candidates.
but at some point you will have to settle on your final style(s) you will need to use in the song.
(remember you can also switch styles in bb etc.)

well thats me done, and i hope the foregoing gives someone new a leg up and/or starting method to creating a song. as well as lots of ideas to think about.
DONT FORGET ; FIND THOSE GOLDEN NUGGETS irrespective of the song creation tools you use. also starting out dont spend lots of money because the way you view things will change over time as you get more experienced.

ps apologies if someone didnt like the foregoing.
i just do my best to help !

New Song "PRETTY GIRL" for my wife...Dec 2023
(my vocs....mixed for good earbuds.)
(and rock song THE STALLION and bluegrass song... BANKER MAN....90 songs useing bb/rb.)