re recording into pc useing zoom.
this is new info from you i was not aware of.
but dont get too excited. how old is your zoom ?
you might need to install updates for it on your pc if its old and there are zoom driver updates you havent installed.
it depends if zoom is copacetic with pg software products.
lets take ONE STEP AT A TIME. cos the devils in the zoom installation details.

1. what software are you recording into useing zoom ?
audacity ? it works good ?
2. have you installed the latest zoom drivers/set up from zoom site for your zoom ?
contact zoom support and ask them if there is a proper asio driver for your pc ; and also ask if there is a firmware update just in case.
3. open realband and see if a zoom driver is listed as available in realband audio driver settings.
if you DO. tell us what it says for input and output under asio. or if its a generic usb driver.


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