LOL, Mr. Muso, you give me WAY too much credit!!! I record into the H1 itself, and then drop the file onto my dektop and edit it in audacity to get rid of noise, increase the volume, and cut it down to length. That is the sum total of my technical abilities. Until you posted that video, I didn't even know I could plug it into the computer for recording--thought it was only to transfer the file--and I've never done anything more in audacity, either.

The recorder was bought in 2012, I think, and I received it used in 2014. It's not been updated in any way, and as a matter of fact every time I plug it in, my computer tells me it's set up incorrectly and asks if I want to fix it. I used to say yes and let the old computer do its thing, but it never fixed anything and I could still record and transfer files, so eventually i just started ignoring the warning. It might be that this isn't the right solution for me as far as audio interfaces go, because I no longer get the same quality recordings from it and was thinking it needs replaced anyway. I could see if the drivers will update--maybe it'll record better, if nothing else.

Have to say I'm having a hard time concentrating right now; my attention is totally wrapped up in my song playing in BIAB. I made a temporary piano MIDI of the melody and put it in so I can have a guide while I'm singing, and I can't stop bouncing in my chair, lol... found much better piano and violin patches last night, and it sounds like a real song to me now! **huge grin** But I'm sorry to say that even though it's all RT and MIDI, it still renders to MP3 with a lot of static and that just makes no sense to me since there is no static at all in BIAB. I think it just has to be my computer. Tried saving it as a MIDI but that won't play in the media player--no sound at all. Just another thing I'm woefully technically deficient in, lol... couldn't fix the RealTek files either, so I'm thinking this means I honestly do need some hands-on IT help for this computer, and I'll have to add that into the Someday Budget. Maybe next month.

Guess I'm only a few steps up this very steep learning curve. But hey, I didn't fall down this time! And I can play the .SGU which has me dancing in my chair...I'm dying every time the bass walks down to the next part, and I finally found a generation where the synth pad is playing held chords. Managed to go back and forth between my bass part and the bass in the style and between the RD and the loop. The piano, violins, synth pad, and guitar all come in and out. Sounds real to me now! It needs better mixing and I have to go back to the manual and reread the MIDI chapter to find out how to edit the sound. Since I'm using a piano AND two basses on the choruses and coda, I need to at least figure out how to get some of that bottom boominess toned down in the MIDI bass. Have to enter the lyrics now, too. But on the whole I'm pretty happy with it!!

Although I do confess my fear that after all this months'-long build-up, y'all are gonna think the song's an anti-climax and maybe not worth listening to. But it's been a terrific learning experience, and I honestly love it. **sheepish smile**

Love is always worth the risk.

HP laptop; Windows 10 Home 64 bit; core i5; 2.40 Ghz; 8 GB RAM; 256 GB hard drive; BIAB 2021 Build 835.