Hi guys, thank you so much.

There is zero audio. This is only BIAB RT plus MIDI notation exported from MuseScore (and given BIAB patches). I didn't record anything at all--I just rendered an MP3 right out of BIAB.

I love Audacity, Mario, but it was a no-go. You have to be able to isolate the noise, and this is embedded in the song. I did use the notch filter and it took it down by about half. Dunno if I can repeat that without getting artifacts, though.

The router is around the corner about ten feet away. The cell phone and a small LED lamp are two feet to my right, as are my external (bluetooth) speakers. The plant lights are six feet to my left, behind me. The fan is five feet in front of me. Gizmo (the keyboard) is six feet to my left in front of me.

I turned off the fan and unplugged Gizmo and the plant lights, rendered the MP3 again---noise. So I grabbed an early copy of the song, deleted all the MIDI tracks from it, and rendered only the RT style as an MP3. Clean as a whistle, UNTIL the piano started playing--noise!!

I'm still just baffled. Why on earth do the pianos, both RT and MIDI patch, render with noise?! Nothing else does, not even the synth pad (Pop Modern Groove). I'm not skilled enough to be able to tell what the heck is going on.

Hi, Charlie. When I do record a song with the Zoom H1, I routinely take it to Audacity and remove all the noise. And when I export it as MP3, no noise. When I took an MP3 to BIAB, it played clean--no noise--but then it rendered horribly, tons of noise. But since this current rendering is instrumental only with no imported audio, I don't know whether the noise from the older render (trashed! heck no, couldn't save it, didn't keep it) was just the pianos or was the audio as well.

The more instruments are playing at once, the more noise the pianos make. Don't know if that means there's more than one problem or not. The more I try to track this down, the more complicated it seems to get! And yes, y'all understand correctly, I hear no noise at all until I render the song in BIAB.

There's never any noise when I export an MP3 from Audacity. Just tried it again, to be sure--no noise.

So I tried saving the SGU as a MIDI. Isn't that a trip? No style came with it at all!! And it rendered every single patch as "piano." I could have done that myself in MuseScore, and I'd have had drums. BUT it rendered pretty clean, except for a ringing on a high pitch that corresponds with where I hear the noise in the MP3 rendering. That ringing doesn't show up in the rendered MP3, but then maybe it's buried in the noise--or maybe it becomes the noise.

Gotta say this song makes for an interesting piano piece, even without the style. I'd imagine it needs six hands, lol.

How do I attach a file so y'all can hear it? Does it have to be a link?

Thank you for helping me with this puzzle. You keep me from throwing my hands up in despair and just walking away.

Love is always worth the risk.

HP laptop; Windows 10 Home 64 bit; core i5; 2.40 Ghz; 8 GB RAM; 256 GB hard drive; BIAB 2021 Build 835.