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Sorry I keep asking questions but I'm on a different track from everyone else. There may be a quick, easy and no cost solution to your issue as soon as I know where the noise is coming from first.

Believe me, I appreciate your time and trouble!!!
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Are you saying the exact same noise that you hear when a song renders in BIAB is also in a recording you do in the H1?
Is the noise you're trying to remove with Audacity after a recording on the H1, room background noise picked up by the H1 microphone during recording?

The noise I remove from my own recordings is ambient room noise plus my breathing and whatever fans might be running in my keyboard. The noise when I render an MP3 or WAV from BIAB is static, or a high-pitched ringing--but the static sounds like really loud room noise, way louder than I get when I'm recording (and I'm just in my dining room, nothing fancy, not even a pop filter on the recorder).
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If you select a Style in BIAB, input some chords or load a style demo, play the 'song', does the song play clearly or is there noise?

Clear as a bell.
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If it plays clearly, but you render it to a WAV or MP3, that's when noise is inserted into the rendered version that is output?

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Do the pianos that are acting up with both MIDI and RT's act up only with the current Style you've chosen or is every piano, MIDI and RT rendering with noise?

Oh dear, I haven't tested that yet.
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What happens if you Rt click on a piano track and select Track Actions\Save as a WAV file?

My speakers shut off. Honest, my doggoned speakers shut off! **eyeroll** Took me a while to figure that out. Now the track is playing in the media player, and there is a small bit of noise, "fuzzy" like the distortion on an electric guitar if it were turned way low (the effect, not the guitar). This is 2461, Acoustic Piano, and it's a RT. This is the cleanest piano sound I;ve gotten so far in a rendering.
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What I'm hoping for is that BIAB with no type of input other than the instruments of a Style plays clearly and renders clearly.

If that's the case, I may be able to have you recording a clear song tonight... wink

Oh, how I wish!! But no, when I removed all the MIDI tracks from an earlier version of my song and rendered just the style as an MP3, it got a lot of staticky noise once this same piano started playing.

Love is always worth the risk.

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