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Well, I said was "What I'm hoping for is that BIAB with no type of input other than the instruments of a Style plays clearly and renders clearly."

And we got to "Clear as a bell."

We almost made it! We have clear sound playing but not when the song is rendered.


Charlie, are we sure about this? According to Cathie's last post there was distortion while just playing in BiaB:

"**headdesk** I have a simple blues progression up, switched to =POPPLTS.STY the pop solo piano... static. It's just playing in BIAB, and distorted like a fuzzy guitar would be. Gonna shut BIAB down and restart it....

Okay, much less static this time, but not clean like I remember it. **sigh**

2263 Acoustic Piano is pretty clean, and it saved as a WAV pretty clean. _MPBBP.STY, 80s Medium Pop The style rendered as an MP3 with a low background level of noise, almost clean.

1542, Acoustic Piano, no noise in BIAB. _ALTCAMP.STY Absolutely clean in BIAB, rendered clean as a WAV, style rendered clean as an MP3!!!!"

I'm beginning to wonder if she either has a gain stage problem, although it is weird that it is intermittent, like you indicated a defective computer, inadvertent effects being added, or a virus that is messing things up?

An after thought, I wonder if her speakers, speaker cables, or the speaker jack is going bad?

Cathie, if you are reading this try unplugging and plugging in your speaker cables a couple of times. Does this correct the problem?

I just posted a selfie and all of the responses were get well soon!

64 bit Win 10 Pro, the latest BiaB/RB, Roland Octa-Capture audio interface, a ton of software/hardware