Great blue dragons, it is a flaming good thing I finally got that MP3 to render because I'm suddenly back to the beginning with BIAB. I cannot choose MIDI patches for the utility tracks and even previously chosen MIDI patches--like the guitar, bass, and two violins in my song--won't play with any voice but "1 Acoustic Piano" which is not even the good piano voice. I unplugged the hard drive and then plugged it back in again (twice!) but it wouldn't change back. I went to my other songs: same problem. So I started a new song, chose the electric jazz guitar patch for a utility track, and wrote it a short MIDI melody. BIAB assigned it to "1 Acoustic Piano" (at a very low volume, so that the style drowns it out even though it's set to 90 like everything else) and refuses to change it. **headdesk**

All that "operator error" benefit of the doubt? No. This is nothing I did, although it might be something Build 835 did. Me, I just think there's a troll living in my copy of BIAB.

Mario, you're probably right about the gain stage problem. BIAB periodically messes with my speakers--so SORRY that I got Bluetooth, sheesh--and it was blaring pretty loudly when I didn't expect it to after I updated to 835. When the troll is vanquished and the MIDI returns, I'll try the different things you and Charlie have mentioned to see if I can get this computer to do proper sound. But for tonight, I am taking my headachy self off to do other things.

Love is always worth the risk.

HP laptop; Windows 10 Home 64 bit; core i5; 2.40 Ghz; 8 GB RAM; 256 GB hard drive; BIAB 2021 Build 835.