Thank you oldmuso and Mario. I appreciate your help.

Yes, this computer has a DVD drive, also a wireless mouse, and I suppose it came with a webcam (haven't ever bothered with it). The speakers have a line in but they only work if the bluetooth controller is turned on. Bought them for the subwoofer, not the bluetooth--haven't ever had that before, don't think I'll bother with it again. It's an HP--again, not going to bother with it ever again--so I can't even FIND the RealTek driver to do an uninstall/reinstall (it isn't in the control panel where it's supposed to be). Must be buried somewhere in the HP sound package. And BIAB is on a harddrive.

Since I didn't have this trouble with Utility Tracks with Build 833, I'm thinking I need tech support. Got to be some setting somewhere that got switched off in the update.

Took a memory and cognition test today at the doc; the good news is that I actually don't have dementia, which surprises me no end. The very bad news is that I have so much skyrocketing stress in my life that it made me think I have pretty severe dementia if not Alzheimer's. Been told to find things to do which let me escape the stress. That is definitely not BIAB or the computer today. Maybe I'll go cry into my keyboard, so to speak... yikes, the idea of saltwater escaping into the keys of an electronic instrument makes me shudder!! **laughing at myself** Okay, maybe I'll finish the Bad Luck Song, which has languished for six years because I was afraid of invoking it... er, well... **gives BIAB the side eye** maybe not!

I'll come back tomorrow, reread your posts, and try again. Hope y'all have a peaceful evening (or morning if you're on another continent). Thank you so very much for not giving up on me. I really appreciate everyone here.

Love is always worth the risk.

HP laptop; Windows 10 Home 64 bit; core i5; 2.40 Ghz; 8 GB RAM; 256 GB hard drive; BIAB 2021 Build 835.