You may be thinking about the "StyleMaker". You can use the StyleMaker to create a new MIDI style or edit an existing MIDI style.

You open the StyleMaker by going to File > StyleMaker and make a selection from the StleMaker pop up window. You can use keystrokes Alt + F9 to open the StyleMaker and select a style to edit or Ctrl + Shift + F9 to open StyleMaker and edit the current style.

Press F1 to open the Band-in-a-Box (BiaB) Help file and enter the term StyleMaker in the search tab. You will find a bunch of tutorials about using the StyleMaker.

One thing to remember; as far as I know the StyleMaker only works with MIDI, not audio. The MIDI transcriptions available in most RealTracks can not be permanently altered with the StyleMaker.

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Accessing the MIDI StyleMaker. File > StyleMaker > selection.
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F1 Help file search for StyleMaker

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