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Does Logic have a better synth to use for the render to audio portion?
Do you have hardware synths available?
The Invert part could be fun, but the generated sounds could be better IMHO
Once you import MIDI and Invert it, can you save it off to use in another program as a basic MIDI file (.mid)?

Oh, God, I certainly hope I could make something sound better than this! Sorry, I should have been more explicit that I wasn't going for musical goodness yet, this grunge is barely tolerable for human consumption. I have heard this inversion thing work with the right material, but this is clearly not that.

Here, I was mainly concerned with getting every note on every track within the playable range of some instrument, since the inversion process swings notes around. I just wanted to be able to hear if I was doing what I'm trying to do, in terms of how UserTracks work.

Sorry the sample was so long. =8^)