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Nice looking setup there Billy!

Yeah, I mirror other's suggestions - Focusrite is great, particularly the 18i20. In that price range though I'm personally a fan of MOTU, particularly the 828 series or the Ultralight. I've personally got an 828mk2 and a Traveler, and the nice thing about them is nearly all the controls can be done in software - I don't have to go over to the interface to find a tiny gain knob, I can control gain/pad/routing all from an app. My main RME interface can't even do that!

Thanks Simon...One of the main concerns is how long I will have the interface before it becomes a working piece of junk because there are no drivers for the windows version I need to use. Having 8 XLR/1/4" on the Profire was nice. I was pretty happy with the preamps also. FireWire worked well enough.

In a past life, I had two eight-channel MOTUs with about ten zillion dollars worth of cable connections...lol


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