Thanks OM...never considered renting one...good idea

Sweetwater no longer sells the VSR-8. Don't know what they cost. As I said I have a Thunderbolt card in the machine. It looks like USB-4 is converging with Thunderbolt so who knows what the standard will wind up being.

Focusrite has not said what they will do with win 11 yet. I may set back for a while. I am not in a dead rush to get a new interface.

There are all kinds of stuff to wish for/drool over...Avalons, Universal Audio,

I can say I am beginning to enjoy the setup I have. Played guitar and piano for several hours today.


New location, new environment, new music coming soon

Seize the moo-ment
If you feel like you’ve herd all these cow puns before, you probably have deja-moo