I started with an INCA88 PCI Card & breakout box...it was brilliant and very easy to use with 8 in and 8 out but none were balanced inputs unless TRS was used. It was set up for easy surround sound and quad mixes as well as stereo.
I still have it and the paperwork. It ran on W up to 2000 but I couldn't get it running on XP.

I have a lovely Focusrite 8i6 but it's not my go to any more because they wouldn't upgrade drivers beyond XP. I still have an XP computer so I can use it if needed - I really like the unit though not the software to run it.
I replaced it with a Focurite "Studio" 2i2 1st gen which was pretty good and the same preamps but I eventually replaced that with an SSL2 which is really cool - all smaller number of inputs than you're looking for.

The direct monitor set up in Focusrite is GREAT. The SLL has a dial that needs to be set for the desired mix whereas Focurite was "flip a switch & all is sweet".

I suspect the SSL will have a better driver upgrade life because it's a new line for the company and one they want to develop where as Focusrite have their demographic well in hand and are a little on the forced upgrade side of things now.

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