Hi everybody,

I hope that you’re not mad at me, but I’m still not in the situation to follow the forum or work on new songs, because Maha is still in a very bad shape and whenever it looks like there’s some progress , we don’t have to wairt long for a setback - after so many months it’s not easy to stay optimistic.

Since some of you wrote thhat I should nevertheless post older stuff that I haven’t posted before that’s what I’m gonna do today.

YOU’RE A MUST HAVE is a song that I had written (guess for whom...) in 2009 and it was meant to be played with my then band. But since we disbanded soon after, the song landed in some drawer, until I decided to continue my ‘musical llife’ with BIAB instead of a real band in December 2015..

So that song was the very first attempt to realize my own ideas with that devine software, and - along with my first and still very simple (and personal) video (actually it was more or less a slide show) became a birthday present for Maha.

About two years later I thought that that very song could also ‘work’ with a totally different arrangement, so the ‘rough version’ was born along with a (hopefully) more entertaining video .

Since I never was really satisfied with the original 2017 arrangement I revised it in 2020 and Maha re-mixed it.

Maybe it’s interesting for some of you to compare these two versions:

1. You’re A Must-Have (the original 2015/6 gentle version


2. You’re A Must-Have (the 2017 ‘rougher’ version



Musical Data:

1. 2015 version:

DRJONROK.STY (= MIDI style), added the horns (tb, ts and tp) via RealBand using the built-in Synth, I think.

Mixed in RealBand using it's built-in FX plug-ins.

2. 2017 version

These are the incredible musicians who accompany me with the latest version (wish I was worth it...):

Alex Al, b (RT 2609)
Audley Freed, g (RT 499)
Jason Roller, g (RT 406)
Jack Pearson, g (RT 582)
Gene Rabbal, B3 org (RT 671)

Drums: MT-Powerdrums2 (edited by me)
Saxes: Big Fish Vintage Horns (via Kontakt), arr. + progr. by me

Vocals: me

With this version Maha used Reaper + some Waves plug-ins and Ozone 8 for mastering.

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and watch.

All the very best to all of you,