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Both versions are fabulous...the horns in the softer one seem more sophisticated but hat may be becasue there's less competition.
The video was a total hoot.
Great song, great humour and a great working couple.

Dear Ray,

thank you so much for taking the time to listen and watch - I'm always glad to receive yor appreciated comments.

Yes, you're right: The horns of the first version are more sophisticated than those of the second. I think this is due to a) the rougher backing track of #2 and b) the fact that the second horns version is saxes only. While it's comparably easy to make a well-sounding horns arrangement for trumpets, trombones or the classical three-piece Chicago horns section, saxes do not sound as well when they're MIDI. So I had to keep them simpler to be as effective as possible. I think that this was and will the only song with a sheer saxes arrangement.

Once again thanks a lot for your comment - I do hope I will find the time and the calm to return to the forum soon - at the moment Maha is still in such a depolorable shape that she needs my full attention.

All the best, and have a pleasent weekend.