with resperct your approaching this wrong imho.
you have a threadripper pc right.
ryzen will eat realband for breakfast.
try this method.
1. open realband (rb)...and config your asio interface.
2. layout your chords.
3. start auditioning midi styles.
4. when you find one you like , start right cliking over blank rb traks and gen midi bass/drum/synth traks whatever. at the same time plugging in modern sounding
sample player and/or synth plug ins. ive already given you links to loads of free plug ins.
5. work on your modern arrangement till you get it right.

THEN later you can do further tests adding real traks if you wish. THE KEY IS RIGHT CLIK OVER A RB FREE TRACK
AND YOULL SEE A BIG VERTICAL MENU. LOOK AT THE GENERATION OPTION...the beauty of rb is you have 48 traks.
also a tip LEARN BARS VIEW, very usefull for moveing around midi bars/arrange as you want.


New Song "PRETTY GIRL" for my wife...Dec 2023
(my vocs....mixed for good earbuds.)
(and rock song THE STALLION and bluegrass song... BANKER MAN....90 songs useing bb/rb.)