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Stefan + Maha
Very cool original stuff. I liked the "rougher" version better, more emotional I guess. Or maybe it is the magic of the motion picture? With the videos I have seen, I think even Liberace would be jealous of your wardrobe. Brilliant write and fun video. Great mix/sound. Stefan, thank you for sharing and best regards to Maha.


Dear Misha,

sorry for the belated reaction, things are still most difficult.

Thanks a lot for your kind and supportive words. I'm always flattered by your comments.

Well, yes, my wardrobe is pretty much packed, I must admit. But contrary to Liberace (whose clothing I remember to have been most precious) all that stuff is cheap Chinese stuff.

Hope you're okay. And I do hope that I will be able to join the forum again - I'm really missing it.

Stay safe,#