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If extraterrestrials ever arrive in our solar system with the intention of studying how the universal phenomenon of 'true' love manifests itself among the inhabitants of planet Earth, after listening to your song they would probably declare that their 'search-and-discovery' mission had ended before they even got started!

In my life I have known only a few men who have openly declared their loving feelings for their life-mates as persistently, as directly, and with as much devotion as you have demonstrated in many of the musical productions that you have posted on this forum.

The inclusion of the torrent of photos of Ms. Maha to the video only heightens the sense of the total rapture you obviously experience as a result of her inspiring presence in your life.

With that in mind, I'll tell you that other than the addition of the photos, I perceived no differences between the two productions of your song in terms of feeling, tone, and musical distinctiveness. The song is all about your contemplation of the impact she has had on your existence, and as such, there is nothing else to be said -- by me, at least.

Well, okay, okay, if I was forced to make a comment on some other aspect of the production, I would declare that your horns writing is even more powerful than it was before.

As always, I wish the best for Ms. Maha, and I hope that you will continue to find the strength-in-loving that she generates in you.

Dear Loren,

first of all sorry for my belated reply to your incredible comment.

Well, what can I say but 'Yes, you're 100% right'. Maha and I have been together for more than 30 years and before we came together I wouldn't have thought such a coseness would be possible. And would not only stay but become stronger with every year.

I think that this deep affection makes it so hard to stand these atrocious times - her sickness breaks my heart over and over again.

Of course I am so glad about what you said about the song and the video - thanks a lot for your incredibly personal and uplifting words.

Please stay safe,