<< I don't know how you create the MultiStyles+ ? >>

There are two types of user created MultiStyles. One as a Master MultiStyle and the second is to create a song specific style that are saved as sub-styles to the BIAB working Style in the Chord Sheet and are associated to the BIAB Style name.

It appears you want to create the Master Styles version rather than the song specific version.

Using the Style Wizard, with seven sections, create and save 3 styles with A/B and drum fills, then create and save a single style with just A and fills and rebuild so these styles are searchable in the StylePicker.

Then create a new MultiStyle using the styles you created from the Style Wizard.

I haven't tried to do this process and can't guarantee it works since the tutorial shows creating MultiStyles using existing BIAB Styles. Each Style can be loaded as a standalone style or as a component of the main MultiStyle.

Good luck with it. I'm following to see how it turns out.


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