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Hello Stefan,

You and Maha are always super good in making these rocking songs and very funny videos, amazing!!
When I watch them I always think by myself, how did you do that and how did you get all those funny things.
You can't miss a second when watching them. So many things happen.
And the most amazing part is how a German comes to this things. We always say Germans have no humor.
Well... you both are the exeption on that. Wonderful!

And I haven't mentioned your lyrics yet. They are great. Very well written and there is so much going on in it too.

I hope at home the sun shows it's face now and then, because it's a bad, bad time and for so long now.
Give Maha my best wishes, sometimes that helps i heard...


Hi Hans,

that was a very, very kind comment on our (comparably old) song and video - thanks an awful lot for it. And thanks even more for your caring words about Mah's health resp. our situation.

Yes, it's been for so long now - no-one would have expected that it would get so much worse after Maha returned from the hospital. Actually our life has been turned to zero - not much normalaity left.

Since Sunday there has been some change for the better - still far from good, but there is, again, light at the end of the tunnel, and it seems that I may get a little more freedom to do other things than being around and caring. I will try to return to the forum for at least a couple of mintues every day - hope so much, that we're on a good path now.

Thanks gain and, please, stay safe,


PS: Since I have a pretty good sense for weird things I must always smile when I read your comments on the Germans' lack of humozr. Not too long ago I saw (I think on BBC) an interview with John Cleese of Monty Pythos (who is one of the funniest people alive - I think, we'll agree on that) who was asked what he thought about thet prejudice. He said, that things have changed drastically over the last decades, and that there were numerous extremely funny German comedians these days...