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Stefan & Maha ...

There is just so much talent both of you possess. The amount of time and effort to put that video together must have been significant. what a great and entertaining production!

Di and I hope so much that Maha's health improves in the days ahead. It's been a real tough journey for both of you - dear friends to Di and me - the past couple of years.

The song is great and what a blast to watch the video!!! We particularly enjoyed the ending where Maha took off the wig, the beard and laid her head against yours - what a display of love!

Everything about this made us smile. And, I am working on a reply to your message. I should have it finished soon.

Take care and know you are in our thoughts all the time.

Your friends, Alan & Di

Dear Di, dear Alan,

oh boy, you wouldn't believe how relieved we were when we saw you're alive. In these terrible times the most atrocious things can happen any day, and the thught of losing friends sometimes drives me nuts. We'll go into details in seperate e-mails, I think.

Thank you so much, dear Alan, for that very kind review of our song and video. Since the vid had been produced in 2017 I had not watched it for quite a while, and when I watced it now, it made me aware of how fast things can change: Those were happy times...

You know that I really, really appreciate your opinion - aftert all, youre an absolute expert in music !

So thanks so much again - I'm really looking forward to your e-mail and I promise I will reply soon.

All the best to you and your great wife - once again: I am a huuuuuuuuuge fan of her singing !!!!!