Dear Chantelle and PG Music,

First, thanks for this nifty video. I learned some cool tricks!! Thanks!

But now for the bad news:

Because of my highly annoying personality structure, coupled with my complete and utter lack of self-awareness, I am planning to be a real PEST on these playable real tracks.

That is because I think they are truly awesome, but there are some things I just don’t understand or maybe could be tweaked.

I may come off as a total idiot here but I don’t mind. I just want to figure it out, so I am willing to risk being laughed at. If any of this has been addressed in an update just let me know and I will move on.

1. It seems to be kinda hard to find out WHICH real tracks go with the Hi-Q midi that is hidden under midi and not a playable real track menu of its own.

See attachment 1.

2. You can see fiddle natural bright 111 on this list above, but there is no corresponding Real Track by that name. So, which choices should consider, given that the high Q midi is supposed to sound “closest” to these tracks????

3. What is the point of this Hi-Q midi list (or the playable real tracks aspect of it, rather)? That is, you can choose to insert a playable real track from this list into an open slot (like melody) but it is just a grey indicator with no apparent function. I.e. It does not pull up and pair with a Real Track. What does the grey insert text refer to and what does it do???

See screenshot 2.

4. You can see the playable real tracks in Sforzando and they are cool and sound nice and all, but how are they related to and coupled with Real Tracks by name???

See screenshot 3.

5. If I go to search in Real Tracks and enter “playable” I get 586 (or something) choices.

But not ALL have the check mark in Direct Input (D). I thought Direct input just meant the instruments were also recorded dry with no effects and that they SOMETIMES but not ALWAYS have notation.

How do I know which ones are really playable real tracks at a glance, and how do I know which Hi-Q tracks they are paired with???

See screenshot 4.


Is there any way to built a feature in styles that will show you exactly which styles have a playable real track, marked with something like PRT??

Is there any way to build a menu to select a playable real track that shows it as such (PRT) and also shows you which Hi-Q patch is associated with??

Maybe this stuff is here and I just can’t find it.

I will talk about notation questions in another thread because this seems enough for the time being.

And again, I apologize if I am being stupid.


(I wish there was something like a mini manual or detailed instruction set all in one place, just for Playable Real Tracks because I LOVE the concept there. LOVE it. But the info I can find on playable real tracks and how to use the feature seems kinda random hodge podge. Sorry!!!)

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