i'm making these wishes in the hope of rb getting a wider user base.
(i wont rehash previous years wishes which ive posted in this forum). also it concerns me that many new users might easily dismiss rb , for various reasons i
suspect which is sad, and i would argue thus they are missing a lot of nice useful features.

fwiw i started with powertraks…before getting then biab and rb.
fyi my fav combo for doing songs (90 songs so far) biab/rb/reaper using the strengths of each.
feel free anyone else to post your ideas//wishes.
lets get to it.


i think it fair to say often people choose other daws cos they find them more visually appealing. i would suggest this area needs attention in rb.
to me i dont care bout visuals but many do. as ive learned in life sometimes beauty (to quote my granny) is only skin deep. yes rb might be a bit like an
'ugly duckling'. but 'under the hood' there are lots of very neat features.
2.. Set up first time.
many people come to pg products for the very first time.
and for many they might not have set up a project studio/daw before.
thus they have often a steep learning curve in understanding not just their pc and OS but also use of music production software. thus they may get frustrated.

i notice most of the rb issues new people seem to have is related to usb sound device set up issues. thus as new people dont sometimes have 'the patience'either to read the rb manual or identify drivers etc etc i think this item needs addressing further to make it as easy as possible.
my concern is sometimes we see comments like 'well i gave up rb cos xyz daw worked'. this is sad imho.
not only sad for pg but also the user that would miss some v nice rb features versus competitors.

its ok for us techs cos we understand the intricacies of usb audio interface set up with music software. but many new people dont. this is not just pg but i see the same set up issues on many competitor daw forums.
thus i feel it needs to be addressed ie 'how to set up driver prefs as easy as we can'
this probably would cut down the number of forum and tech support requests forhelp.
i recommend pg look at competitors and compare.

frankly i think user 'RHARV' , who, like moi and others loves rb...he should get some sort of award for all the newbies he has helped over the years re rb set up…lol.
i laud him.
3..Flac support. please see my wish in the biab wishlist forum re this topic.
specific to rb i would like the *seq to save in the flac format as an option.

i dont know the internal code of rb , BUT i suspect use of flac might speed things up and make things more fluid ? the other area as an aside i would like attended to is the time it takes for audio 'waveform visuals' to be generated compared to some other daws..…sometimes a reason why i often start a song layout in biab.
in biab no waiting for waveform genning.

btw to pg support …i laud you for the mp3 creation feature in rb.
i dont know what you did, and i cant put my finger on it but i really like the feature and how the mp3's i create sound wonderfull. maybe its confirmation

just some wishes for 2023. (please see my previous wishes in this forum.)



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New Song "PRETTY GIRL" for my wife...Dec 2023
(my vocs....mixed for good earbuds.)
(and rock song THE STALLION and bluegrass song... BANKER MAN....90 songs useing bb/rb.)