Guitar Chord Dictionary

The Guitar Chord Dictionary

The Guitar Chord Dictionary is an essential tool for any aspiring guitarist. Simply select any root note, and choose the chord you want to learn from the list of available chords.

The selected chord will then be displayed on the on-screen guitar fretboard. The Guitar Chord Dictionary is the perfect tool for guitar players at any level!


Chord Selection Area

This is where you select the Root and chord type that you want to display. Some of the most common chord types are listed on the main screen, and other chords can be selected from pull-down menus. You can also choose between Jazz, Folk, and Pop ⁄ Rock style chords.

Chord Display Area

This displays the currently selected chord symbol, the notes that it contains, and possible variations of the chord that can be displayed.

Guitar Fretboard Area

This is where the notes in the chord are displayed. Chords are displayed here when a new chord is selected, when the chord display (Play Chord) button is pressed, when the [Chord Contains] button is pressed, or when any of the variations are selected.

Top Control Panel

This area contains some settings for the program, and allows you to access the Help files, Volume Control mixer, and About screen.

Reverse Chord Finder

The Reverse Chord Finder allows you to enter any notes on the guitar fretboard, and the program then displays a list of all chords that contain those notes.

Chord Voicings Selection

This allows you to display either Folk, Pop, or Jazz voicings.

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