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Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows® Upgrade Manual

Chapter 1: Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows®!

This documentation covers the new features in Band-in-a-Box 2019.  The Help menu has a link to the full manual.

Band-in-a-Box 2019 for Windows is here!

We’ve been busy and added 64 new features and an amazing collection of new content, including 202 RealTracks (double the 101 that we’ve often released in the past), new RealStyles, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, “Low Man” and Re-amped “12-Key” Metal/Thrash Electric Guitar RealTracks, RealDrums transcriptions, Xtra Styles PAK 6, and more!
We have Bonus PAKs with 40 RealTracks in addition to the 202 new RealTracks, so in total an amazing 242 new RealTracks are available!
The Bonus PAKs also include 12 new MIDI SuperTracks, two new Instrumental Studies Sets with “Train Beat” and “Country-Pop” guitar riffs, 10 “Low Man” and Re-amped “12-Key” Metal/Thrash Electric Guitar RealTracks, 12 MIDI SuperTracks, “Look Ma! More MIDI!” - 30 MIDI Styles, 21 RealDrums transcriptions, and 18 Artist Performances.
In addition, there are over 140 new RealStyles that use the new RealTracks.  These include great Americana, Vocals (low voice mmms), new Blues Horn sections, and more!  Plus, we’ve made a new Xtra Styles PAK 6 with 162 Xtra styles.  (Xtra styles are styles based on previously released RealTracks.)

Band-in-a-Box 2019 Features and Additions

There are many exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box 2019!  First off is our brand-new 64-bit version of Band-in-a-Box, which works well with the latest plugins and 64-bit OS features!  We include both 64-bit and 32-bit versions, so users of 32-bit Windows® OS can still run Band-in-a-Box 2019.  We’ve also made and include a 64-bit VST Plugin of Band-in-a-Box, which you can use inside your favorite DAW (Cakewalk, Reaper, ProTools, etc.) to generate styles, RealTracks, RealDrums, Multi-Riffs, etc.  We include a 64-bit GM MIDI synth VSTSynthFont64 with default GM soundfont, allowing you to specify any GM soundfont even larger ones over 2 GB.  There’s a completely redesigned SongPicker, which shows information for up to 50,000 songs and has useful filter and search features including search by chord progression and/or melodic phrase.  We’ve added advanced filters to help you with searches for RealTracks, RealDrums, and MIDI SuperTracks.  These include search by feel, time signature, tempo, RealCharts, and more.  You can now control the loudness of each RealTrack in the medleyNotation enhancements include drum notation, drums RealCharts (transcriptions of some of the RealDrums), quick entry of forced accidentals, and more.  We’ve added 300 more song titles to the Song Titles Browser.  The Melodist now uses RealStyles to generate chords and melodies.  Audio Harmonies are enhanced with BB-Harmony engine providing sophisticated harmonies with passing tones to your audio track.  And much more.

Additional New Content Available for Band-in-a-Box 2019

- 202 RealTracks
- 6 MIDI SuperTracks
- 120 Instrumental Studies
- 15 All-MIDI Styles
- 21 RealDrums Transcriptions
- 2019 Bonus 49-PAK
- Xtra Styles PAK 6

202 RealTracks with great new Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country and World styles.

- 60 Jazz, Blues, Funk & Latin RealTracks
The Jazz, Blues, Funk & Latin collection this year contains an amazing assortment of legendary musicians.  We’ve added more Drums and Percussion from the amazing Alex Acuña, well known as the drummer for Weather Report and many other seminal fusion groups.  With this collection, along with the master guitarist Ramon Stagnaro, there are Brazilian Bossa & Samba styles (10) as well as many more Latin American styles (11) with RealTracks “firsts” such as the “Bajo Sexto,” a Mexican stringed instrument.  This set also features the requested “RumbaFlamenca” styles.  We also have new Modern Funk RealTracks (10) from some of New York’s most exciting musicians.  Guitarists Bob Lanzetti, Mark Lettieri, drummer Sput Searight, and percussionist Keita Ogawa are all part of some of the most exciting funk and world music projects coming out of New York and are now RealTracks artists.  There are new “Fiery” Harmonica Soloists (5) from LD Miller, who won first runner up on the first season of “America’s Got Talent” with his amazing harmonica performances.  We also have amazing new Blues Rhythm and Soloist Guitars (4) from the amazing Sol Philcox, as well as new Funky Acoustic Guitar (3) styles from Colin Linden and Joe Robinson.  There are also new Djembe & other percussion styles (7), from Keita Ogawa, Tango styles (4), and Modern Jazz Waltz Drums (2).  To top it off, we’ve added to our collection of Horn Section styles with some great, growly Blues Horns (4)!

- 70 Pop, Rock & World RealTracks
We have some amazing new pop, rock, and world styles with Band-in-a-Box 2019.  The perennial favorite Brent Mason has recorded some beautiful new pop soloists on both Electric and Acoustic Guitar (8).  We also have wonderfully spacey “Cinematic” Electric Guitar (4) from Darin Favorite, as well as beautiful new 12-string and 6-string “Campfire” Acoustic Folk styles (16), and Rock & Grunge Acoustic Guitar (4) from Quinn Bachand.  In addition to this, we have Pop-Rock Pedal Steel (4) with a modern edge from the Nashville great Eddy Dunlap, “Southern Pop” Drums (4) from Land Richards, and a set of laid-back singer-songwriter guitar and piano (6).  To round off the “world music” side of things, we’ve added new Klezmer (12) accordion, guitar, bass, and drum styles as well as “A Taste of Europe” set of accordion and guitar (4).  These feature world champion accordionist Cory Pesaturo.  We also have a set with upright bass playing basic pop styles, as well as pop accordion (8), which are all very useful in a wide variety of styles.

- 72 Country, Americana & Celtic RealTracks
With Band-in-a-Box 2019, we’re introducing an amazing new RealTracks guitar artist, Johnny Hiland!  Johnny is a Nashville legend known for his blistering fast “Chicken Pickin’” soloing style, and we have three soloist styles that we’re proud to present in our “Chicken Pickin’” (3) with Johnny Hiland!  We’ve also expanded our collection of “Americana” RealTracks, with new keyboards (4) from a CMA winner Mike Rojas, resonator guitars (6) from Eddy Dunlap, nylon and electric guitars (6) from Brent Mason, acoustic bass (1) from Byron House, drums and percussion (6) from Bryan Owings, fiddles (2), mandolins (6), and another RealTracks first: 5-string fiddle (5) and mandola (5) from Andy Leftwich!  We’ve added to our collection of Celtic styles with another RealTracks first: amazing Celtic cellos (9) by Natalie Haas, which includes options both for the common “Celtic Chopping” technique, as well as styles that utilize long, flowing lines.  Also, on the Celtic front we have new 12-string, and nylon guitar styles (6) from Quinn Bachand, which utilize another RealTracks first: “DADGAD-Guitar tuning”.  There’s also a set of Celtic soloists (8), so you can have an improvised solo over your chord progression in the styles of a Celtic jig, reel, or hornpipe.  And for the icing on the cake, we’ve added a new background vocal RealTracks style with Gospel “Mmms” Vocals (5), which includes options that utilize four doubled voices, or combinations of the individual voices!

MIDI SuperTracks Set 28: Pop Basses (6 MIDI SuperTracks)
With MIDI SuperTracks Sets 28, we’ve added 6 new MIDI SuperTracks to our collection.  In the past we’ve had jazz bass MIDI SuperTracks, but for the first time we’ve added pop bass styles (6), perfect for acoustic or electric patches.  And, since they’re MIDI, you can pick ANY patch you like, for example, a really cool synth bass!  Or, you could go with a classic electric bass or upright acoustic!

Instrumental Studies 7: Brent Mason 12-key Country Pop Guitar Licks
Instrumental Studies 7 features specially curated licks and riffs performed by legendary Nashville guitarist Brent Mason, with amazing country pop lick that work great over many different genres and many different progressions.  These licks are presented in a way that makes it great for learning, with these short riffs looping, making them perfect for practice. And, the chord progressions behind the lick changes with each loop, giving you great insight into DIFFERENT ways these licks can be used.

MIDI Styles Set “Look Ma! More MIDI 1” (15 styles)
This year we have included a special treat for MIDI fans in the free Bonus PAK - 15 new all-MIDI styles!  These styles are a mix of classic MIDI tracks and MIDI SuperTracks, and do not include any RealTracks or RealDrums. We’ve included styles from the pop and rock genres.  These styles have all been mixed to sound great with the built in MIDI Synths but can be tweaked by you to match your custom sound bank perfectly.

21 RealDrums Transcriptions
21 RealDrums now have drum notation, which can be viewed by filtering “RealDrums with RealCharts” in the RealDrums Picker.

Our “2019 Bonus 49-PAK” contains great additional content!

- 40 Unreleased RealTracks
There are 40 amazing bonus RealTracks available with our 2019 49-PAK!  This includes more great Latin and Funk RealTracks & RealDrums (15) with amazing drummers & percussionists Alex Acuña, Sput Searight, and Keita Ogawa, as well as a bassist Alex Al and a guitarist Bob Lanzetti!  There are also many bonus Americana styles, with even more mandola and 5-string fiddle (4) as well as amazing baritone electric guitar (6) from RealTracks favorite Brent Mason, and drums by Bryan Owings (1).  There are also many more Celtic guitar styles, including DADGAD-tuning acoustic guitars (2), nylon & 12-string guitars (4), and the beautiful “Celtic Songwriter” styles (2).  In addition, we have “Cinematic Metal” guitar styles (2) from Nashville stalwart Darin Favorite, and “Mountain 16ths” (4) with Mandola, 5-string fiddle, and acoustic guitar from Andy Leftwich and Quinn Bachand.

- MIDI SuperTracks Set 29: More Organ, Piano & Accordion (6 MIDI SuperTracks)
With MIDI SuperTracks Sets 29, we’ve added 6 new MIDI SuperTracks to our collection.  This features some beautifully played keyboards (4) by Nashville great Mike Rojas, great with our existing Americana styles, but also great with a wide variety of Band-in-a-Box styles.  There are also new European accordion styles (2) performed by the award-winning virtuoso Cory Pesaturo.

- 10 “Low Man” and Re-amped “12-Key” Metal/Thrash Electric Guitar RealTracks
We’re pleased to present 10 new “Re-amped” and “12-key” RealTracks of our most popular metal/thrash guitar styles.  These hard rock and metal guitar styles draw on our previous RealTracks material, but have been “re-amped” with exciting new guitar tones, and each RealTrack has material in all 12 keys, so the audio does not need to be pitch shifted, meaning the result will always be pristine distorted guitar tones.  This includes slow “thrash” styles, both rhythm and soloists playing metal over a wide tempo range, as well as “Low Man” styles, which emulate the popular method of tuning down the guitar 4-6 semitones to get a wonderful growly low tone.

- MIDI Styles Set “Look Ma! More MIDI 2” (15 styles)
These 15 additional all-MIDI styles are a mix of classic MIDI tracks and MIDI SuperTracks from the jazz and country genres.  These have all been mixed to sound great with the built in MIDI Synths, but they can be tweaked by you to match your custom sound bank perfectly.

- Artist Performance Set 9: Celtic Flute with Geoff Kelly
Artist Performance Set 9 features 18 traditional Celtic tunes performance by the Vancouver-based flautist and Pennywhistle player Geoff Kelly.  Geoff is a founding member of the legendary Canadian band, Spirit of the West, and also performs with the Irish Rovers and many other musicians and groups.  In this set, Geoff performs traditional tunes with Celtic RealTracks backing him up, in many cases this includes the new Celtic RealTracks released with Band-in-a-Box 2019.  There are also several tracks where Geoff duets with previous Artist Performance musician Daniel Lapp on fiddle.

- Instrumental Studies 8: Brent Mason 12-key Train-Beat Guitar Licks
Get ready for some amazing Country Train-Beat licks with Instrumental Studies 8!  This set features 120 licks (10 in each key) presented in a way that’s great for learning!  The idea is that each of these 120 licks is presented in a separate Band-in-a-Box file, with the same lick repeated over a variety of chord changes.  This gives you great insight into different ways these licks can be used.  And, you can slow them down to learn, and speed them up as you get better at them!
We also have new products available as add-ons, and for use with Band-in-a-Box 2019.  Note: These items are sold separately and not included with Band-in-a-Box package or Bonus PAK.

Xtra Styles PAK 6 (Released December 2018)
Xtra Styles PAK 6 is here with over 162 great new RealStyles that combine our existing RealTracks in new and creative ways!  We have new volumes for jazz, country, and pop/rock, as well as an amazing assortment of traditional folk and jazz styles.  There are also five new MultiStyles available, with at least one in each genre PAK.  Each of these MultiStyles includes 6 substyles so you can create more diversity within your arrangements.  Styles include Americana-inspired country folk, Latin fusion with nylon guitar, skiffle, jazz swing with harp, modern pop and rock chart-toppers, hard rock, zydeco, and multiple European folk styles.  Don’t miss out on this comprehensive library of fully-produced RealStyles!

- Country 6: Country Xtra Styles 6 brings you 42 amazing new RealStyles that cover the entire country spectrum.  You will find anything from dramatic ballads to Americana-inspired country folk and even modern country rock.  And to top it off, we’ve also included two MultiStyles that both include six substyles!  One is a fretless electric bass ballad with pedal steel and the other is a fast rockabilly swing style.  Classic or modern, subdued or in-your-face, Country Xtra Styles 6 is a comprehensive collection of country styles that will help you compose or give your old songs new life!

- Jazz 6: Add variety to your jazz RealStyles collection with 43 great new RealStyles in Jazz Xtra Styles 6.  Mellow jazz with 3-part vocals, Latin fusion styles with background nylon guitar, classic skiffle, and medium jazz swing with harp are all things that can be found in the latest installment of Xtra jazz styles.  But it doesn’t end there because we’ve also included a six-substyle bossa MultiStyle for your enjoyment!  Jazz Xtra Styles 6 takes some of your favorites and adds a little twist for something familiar yet refreshing.  Get it today!

- Pop/Rock 6: We’re back at it again with 42 new pop and rock styles in Pop Xtra Styles 6!  Some of these styles are based on the latest trends in pop, alternative, hip-hop, and rock music while others are creative takes on classic music styles.  This installment has an “xtra” dose of rock ‘n’ roll and a generous helping of Americana-inspired folk music.  We’ve even included a six-substyle pep-squad pop MultiStyle.  Are you excited to hear the latest and greatest sounds in pop and rock music?  Then check out Pop Xtra Styles 6!

- Traditional Folk & Jazz 1: Traditional Folk and Jazz Xtra Styles 1 will bring you the beautiful acoustic sound of yesteryear with 35 new RealStyles.  Many kinds of traditional folk music are explored, including Canadian, Italian, French, Irish, and Gypsy folk music.  As for jazz, we’ve included some Gypsy jazz and stride-piano styles as well.  We’ve even thrown in a six-part zydeco MultiStyle with accordion!  Don’t forget the sounds of yesterday - pick up this lovely collection of traditional folk and jazz styles now!

Xtra Styles PAK 5 (Released July 2018) - 160 RealStyles for Jazz, Rock-Pop, Country, and MIDI Styles.

Xtra Styles PAK 4 (Released November 2017) - 150 RealStyles for Jazz, Rock-Pop, Country, and Folk & Beyond.

Xtra Styles PAK 3 (Released June 2017) - 160 RealStyles for Jazz, Rock-Pop, Country, and Americana.

Xtra Styles PAK 2 (Released December 2016) - 161 RealStyles for Jazz, Country, Rock-Pop, and Bluegrass & World.

Xtra Styles PAK 1 (Released August 2016) - 164 RealStyles for Jazz, Country, Rock-Pop, and Singer/Songwriter.

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