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RealBand® 2021 for Windows® New Features Guide

Summary List of New Features

There are exciting additions to RealBand 2021.  RealBand is now a 64-bit application and supports SIMD features for higher audio playback performance.  There is now drum notation support with over 300 additional RealCharts, added cut time notation, time signature improvements, visual transpose, notation enhancements, XML improvements, and more!

64-bit support.  RealBand is now a 64-bit application instead of 32-bit.  RealBand now supports 64-bit VST/VSTi and 64-bit DX/DXi plugins without needing to use jBridge.

Higher Audio Playback Performance.  RealBand (and Band-in-a-Box) now supports SIMD (SSE2, SSSE3, AVX, AVX2) features in your CPU. This means that audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) will be at least 4 times faster, depending on your CPU.  This allows more tracks, more plugins, higher quality Elastique stretching, etc. during playback without causing audio dropouts.

When saving to XML, there is a new option to save exact chord text to XML rather than relying mainly on saving the chord type and degrees.

Successfully loaded DX/DXi plugins are now added to the plugin scan log (C:\RealBand\PluginScanLog.log).

We’ve added 7,000 more song titles including requests from users, so there are now 21,000 titles.

We’ve added over 300 additional RealChart (with accurate Drum Notation and MIDI to trigger drum sounds) for RealDrums.  This means that now all RealDrums have RealChart.

The StylePicker has Feel filters added for Even (Even 8th or Even 16th), Swing (Swing 8th or Swing 16th), 16th (Even 16th or Swing 16th), and 8th (Even 8th or Swing 8th).

In the Notation window, if the song is in 4/4, there is an option to display it as cut time.  For example, a bluegrass song that is currently displaying with 16th notes will display using 8th notes.  This allows easier readability and is ideal for displaying the notation of songs that were specifically written in cut time.

In the Notation window, if the song is in 4/4, you can display it as 2/4 instead of 4/4, without changing the main time signature of the song to 2/4.  This special 2/4 notation display mode lets you continue to generate better sounding RealTracks, etc. than if you had switched the main time signature of the song to 2/4.

The time signature display in the Notation window now is displayed so it fills the whole height of the staff like most other programs do.

The transpose button on the Notation window toolbar lets you visually transpose the Notation window without visiting the Notation Options dialog.

The time signature button has a better menu with options to launch the time signature menu on the main toolbar or to launch Meter Map dialog.

A hint is added to the time signature button.

And more!

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