Musical Arcade

Musical Arcade

Get four programs for the price of one with the PG Music Musical Arcade! This program is a stand-alone launcher for our arcade-style games. Each game is designed to help train your ear and musical memory in different ways. For a full description of each game, see the Game Overviews below.

Music Replay
This game features 3 different games that focus on developing 3 different musical skills. “Replay Note,” “Replay Rhythm,” and “Replay Melody.” “Replay Note” will help the player develop pitch-recognition skills. “Replay Rhythm” develops the player′s ability to recognize and play different rhythms. “Replay Melody” combines the two. 1-bar melodies are played, and the player must play them back with the correct pitch and rhythm.

Pitch Invasion
This game is based on old-style classic arcade games. Aliens descend upon your home planet, intent on destroying your prized collection of musical instruments. It′s your job to blast them out of the sky by recognizing the pitch that they are playing, and by playing that pitch yourself before they reach the ground. If they reach the ground, one of your 15 musical instruments will be destroyed. Once your instruments are all destroyed, it′s Game Over! As you blast the aliens, you can move up to harder, faster levels. Points are awarded for blasting aliens and the higher the level, the more points you get. Bonus points are also awarded in other areas throughout the game.

This game is based on the traditional memory card game, and it′s designed to quickly teach the player how to hear and recognize pitches, intervals, chords, and rhythms. Using the mouse or keyboard, the player turns over a tile, and then seeks a match for that tile. After a pair is discovered, it disappears. Game play continues until all the tiles are matched, and a score is recorded. Players can play against the “Champion,” who is the player with the highest score for the selected game. The animation on the left side of the screen shows the player′s progress compared to the current champion.

This arcade-style game makes sight-reading fun! Learn how to read music by establishing a direct relationship between notes on the piano keyboard and notes on a grand staff. As the notes move across the grand staff, you zap them by pressing the correct note on the on-screen keyboard or attached MIDI keyboard. For timing practice or for smaller children, we′ve included a setting where any hit on the QWERTY keyboard scores a hit, making the game fun for everyone! The notes you zap come from actual songs, and we′ve included a library of tunes in genres like Kids, Folk, Classical, and Pop. You can even add your own files to practice zapping notes to your favorite tunes!

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