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Install Manager v. 1.0.68 (80 MB)

The Install Manager can be used to download and install Band-in-a-Box packages that you have ordered or registered on This will update it to the latest available build. Note that your download page also includes the latest build.

Summary of Changes for Version 1.0.68(Dec 4, 2022) (Download build 1.0.68)

  • Added: Support for Xtra Styles PAKs 14-15 and XPro Styles PAK 4.

Summary of Changes for Version 1.0.67(Nov 3, 2022) (Download build 1.0.67)

  • Fixed: Install with 'package requires authorization' set to TRUE might fail (e.g. on El Capitan).

Summary of Changes for Version 1.0.66 (Oct 25, 2022) (Download build 1.0.66)

  • Improved: If a file status is 'Failed Install', you can click 'More Info' to find out the specific reason that this file failed (e.g. low disk space, cancelled..)
  • Fixed: Download button context menu not updated when changing download folder.
  • Fixed: Product Reset was not fully resetting the product.
  • Fixed: If a download was cancelled by the user during 'Download All', it would automatically start downloading again. There is also now a context menu item to reset a cancelled file status to 'Ready'.
  • Added: Menu item to open the Settings folder. Useful if you want to reset the product list or restore factory settings.
  • Fixed: Having a second BIAB (e.g. Pro and MegaPAK) in the same online order could cause an exception when clicking on the product list.
  • Fixed: It was possible to switch to another product while a download list was still being built, which could cause unexpected behaviour.
  • Added: Localization support. Supported languages are currently: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
  • Added: 'Refresh folder list' button. This is useful if you add/remove installer files manually in your downloads folder.
  • Added: When creating the product download list, files on the remote server are compared with any existing downloaded files. If there are newer files available they will be marked as such and downloaded again.

Summary of Changes for Version 1.0.48(Sept 1, 2022) (Download build 1.0.48)

  • Fixed: Exception ("Cannot set properties of null") on some systems when clicking on items in the Product List.
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