Band-in-a-Box® for Macintosh - Running Band-in-a-Box® as a non-Admin User.

OSX has a few different types of user accounts. Many people only use one account - the Admin account that was set up when you first got your Mac. However it is possible to have multiple user accounts, and these can be Administrator accounts or Standard accounts. Standard users have a more limited ability to install software and change settings on the computer. Each user account has a Home folder located in the Users folder on the Macintosh HD. You can find out more about user accounts by going to Apple menu | System Preferences | Accounts.

Last updated:  Friday, 09 November 2018

Installing and running Band-in-a-Box® as a standard user (non-administrator)

Band-in-a-Box® can be installed while logged on as an Administrator or Standard User, although an Administrator's password is always required. Band-in-a-Box® is installed to the '/Applications/Band-in-a-Box®' folder, and the program is "self-contained" within this folder.

If you are experiencing problems running Band-in-a-Box®, such as error messages when opening and closing the program or when saving files, there may be a problem with the Band-in-a-Box® folder permissions. For example, a folder that Band-in-a-Box® needs to save a file in, may be set to 'read-only' privileges for the group that your user account is part of.

To solve this problem, Download and install the most recent update patch for your version of Band-in-a-Box®.

IF that doesn't fix the problem, try setting full permissions for the Band-in-a-Box® folder manually. To do this:

  1. Click on the /Applications/Band-in-a-Box® folder, and go to File | Get Info, or press Command-I.
  2. Press the UNLOCK button at the bottom right of the dialog.
  3. In the Sharing and Permissions tab, set Privliges for all the groups to "Read and Write"
  4. Press the WheelGear button at the bottom (beside the + - buttons), and choose "Apply to Enclosed Items".


If you are still having trouble with permissions on a Standard Account, you might try moving the Band-in-a-Box® folder to your Home folder (i.e. /Users/MyAccount). However, this is much less desirable than leaving the Band-in-a-Box® folder in Applications. One reason is that patches and add-ons expect you to have the program in the Applications folder. Another reason is that in some cases, it is necessary to copy (rather than move) the folder, and this may take up too much hard disk space if you have a large RealTracks folder. But if you decide you want to do this, here is how:

  1. Log in as an admin user (this should allow you to move the folder rather than just copy it).
  2. Open the Applications folder on your HD.
  3. Open a new Finder window (command-N) and navigate to your Home folder (HD/Users/MyUserAccount).
  4. Drag the Band-in-a-Box® folder from Applications to your Home folder.
  5. Before you install a Band-in-a-Box® update or add-on, copy the folder back to Applications.
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