Essential Blues Guitar

Video Guitar Lessons: Essential Blues Guitar
Volumes 1& 2

With Video Guitar Lessons: Essential Blues Guitar you can watch videos over and over as Danny Casavant describes and shows you exactly how he is playing; it′s like having your Guitar teacher always on-call! Band-in-a-Box files each include a song memo describing the phrase and since they are Band-in-a-Box files you can open the Notation window to view the chord symbols, notation and Guitar tablature, adjust the tempo to match your skill level and quickly change the key signature to learn the phrases in all twelve keys. Open the Guitar Fretboard window to see exactly how the phrases are being played. These files were recorded with a MIDI Guitar controller so the displayed fingerings on the Guitar Fretboard window will be exactly how they were originally played. As the video plays, the notation scrolls along, so you can see the tab in sync with the video. Stereo separation puts guitar on the left side and bass ⁄ drums on the right, so you can isolate the instruments.

NOTE: The Mac version requires Band-in-a-Box (version 12 or later) for full functionality - there is no stand-alone application available.

Essential Blues Guitar Volume 1: 101 Riffs
Includes 101 Lessons, with over 5 hours of video guitar lessons with Blues Guitar master Danny Casavant. Each of the 101 "Riffs" has a Video lesson of over 3 minutes in duration, with a complete 12-bar chorus transcribed in notation and TAB, and displayed on-screen, and also available for printout. Also includes Band-in-a-Box files so that you can practice the riff chorus with a rhythm section.

Essential Blues Guitar Volume 2: 20 Tunes
20 complete 4-5 minute Blues Guitar tunes with soloing by Blues Guitar master Danny Casavant. Watch these videos over and over, viewing the fretboard action (right and left hands), the on-screen notation, and guitar tab as you learn to play these great solos and techniques. Also included are the Band-in-a-Box files for these tunes, that you can practice at your own speed, or transpose them to new keys.

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