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Band-in-a-Box® Add-Ons

To get the most out of Band-in-a-Box®, we offer a huge selection of add-ons, including RealTracks, RealDrums and Artist Performance Sets!

With additional sets of MIDI Styles, Soloists, Melodists, Essential Phrases & Riffs, Fakebooks, and more, The possibilities are endless...

The Songs & Lessons PAK

The Songs & Lessons PAK adds all of the Essential Riffs & Phrases Series, All of our MIDI Fakebooks, Master Swingin' Jazz Piano Solos and Comping, the complete Master Solos Series, CopyMe, Duets, 50 Novelty Piano Riffs, 50 Country Guitar Solos, and 200 Folk Songs!

RealTracks. RealTracks replace the MIDI track for that instrument, and can be controlled just like the MIDI instrument (volume changes, muting etc.). They follow the chord progression that you have entered so you'll here hear authentic audio accompaniment or solos.

Video RealTracks Sets. Have you ever listened to your favorite RealTracks guitar solo or RealDrums drum fill and wondered exactly how the player did it? Now you can see the actual footage of the musician playing along with your song! We have 40 Video RealTracks to choose from, including two full video bands – create a video with up to 5 musicians playing together. You can even include a chord sheet or notation in the video to help you learn, teach, or share with others!

Xtra Styles PAKs. Give your projects new life or get inspired with Xtra Styles PAKs! Xtra Styles PAKs will add TONS of imaginative RealStyles to your collection, spanning several genres like jazz, country, bluegrass, pop, singer/songwriter, and more! Every RealStyle is professionally mixed and uses a unique arrangement that has never been used by our previous styles. We have even included several MultiStyles that include up to ten substyles each for your advanced arrangements! Spend less time mixing and more time creating, with Xtra Styles PAKs!

MultiStyles PAKs. Create elaborate arrangements in Band-in-a-Box® with MultiStyles that include up to 24 distinct substyles! Each MultiStyle in these PAKs comes with a demo song that shows off the sound of all of the substyles. But that's not all, you can also access the component styles of these MultiStyles in order to view the full instrument lists from the StylePicker and access more great demo songs! Each MultiStyles PAK offers Country, Rock-Pop, and Jazz styles, and some of the styles transcend these genres completely!

Artist Performance Sets. Artist Performance tracks are great for learning-from-the-Pros, since all the Tracks include audio (stretchable to any tempo), notation, on-screen guitar, and guitar tab. Performances typically have a melody for two choruses, followed by a solo for two choruses (one simple chorus and a second advanced chorus).

MIDI Styles Sets. These add-ons encompass a diverse range of genres including Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin, Country, World, Blues, Bluegrass, and more. Each style is a large database of musical patterns and ideas so your songs will never sound exactly the same.

MIDI Fakebooks. Hundreds of songs at the touch of a button. Load the songs into Band-in-a-Box® and play along, or create your own arrangements. Learn difficult sections of songs by looping and slowing it down; improve your improvisational skills and more.

More MIDI Add-ons. Additional Add-ons to get the most from your Band-in-a-Box® program.

RealDrums. RealDrums are not "samples" of single drum hits; they are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing along in perfect sync with the other Band-in-a-Box®, RealBand and PowerTracks Pro Audio tracks.

XPro Styles PAKs. Pro users rejoice! XPro Styles PAKs capture the spirit of Xtra Styles PAKs with fully-produced and uniquely-arranged styles. However, these styles are compatible with ANY package of the current Band-in-a-Box® version, including Pro, MegaPAK, UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, and the Audiophile Edition. This results in far more variety in the StylePicker for many of our users with lower-tier packages. All of these styles are professionally mixed and include genres like jazz, country, bluegrass, pop, singer/songwriter, rock, and more. The possibilities are endless when you have these styles at your fingertips!

Loops-with-Style PAKs give you the chance to expand your loops collection with hundreds of new loops! We've taken the RealDrums and RealTracks source audio and remixed, remastered, and combined it to create these original loops. All of your favorite genres are covered, like jazz, funk, rock, pop, electronic, hip-hop, and more! We've included intelligent versions of the loops that automatically switch at A and B part markers in Band-in-a-Box. Each loop has a matching sister loop that works perfectly for another substyle!

MIDI SuperTracks. Instead of MIDI styles based on C7 chord patterns that get repeated over every chord, the MIDI SuperTracks are based on actual playing by studio musicians. When you play the SuperTracks with your favorite MIDI synth or VST plug-ins, you'll hear great sounds using MIDI. MIDI SuperTracks are an excellent option for those looking for the editing and control capabilities of regular MIDI tracks, but with the added bonus of incredibly good MIDI sounds!

MIDI Soloist Sets. Band-in-a-Box® "Soloist" feature generates great sounding solos to go along with the chords in your song. The more Soloist add-ons you have, the greater the variety of solos Band-in-a-Box® will be able to generate.

MIDI Melodist Sets. These add-ons work with Band-in-a-Box®'s "Melodist" feature which can compose a song, complete with intro, chords, melody, arrangement and improvisation, with the push of a button.

Essential MIDI Riffs & Phrases. The Essential Phrases & Riffs for Band-in-a-Box® are Band-in-a-Box® files. Play and hear the files, transpose in all 12 keys, slow down for further study, view or printout the notation, or watch the on-screen guitar fretboard or piano keyboard!

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